Dems Crazy Yo

Political affiliations aside, anyone who knows anything about politics knows that the Democrats are just delaying a presidential campaign. In a position where the Dems are looking to take office for the first time in eight years, we still have two candidates fighting it out over the primary election.

How much of this presidency is based on media influence? Magazines, newspapers, radio, Internet, etc. The days of a candidate having to pay for a billboard have now been replaced by banner ads, magazine features and extensive (and often specifically favorable) radio/tv coverage.

Here’s something to consider. Every time Clinton is portrayed on camera on a certain unnamed network, she’s seen shaking hands, eating food/babies and waving with that devilish grin that makes you think she just stole candy from a two-year-old; and she’ll do it again.

Obama, whenever presented on camera on this same unnamed network, is seen at the podium delivering speeches, roaming the deserts of Jerusalem raising the dead and at water cooler discussions at an office near you easing the tension between co-workers by turning bottled water into wine.

So you tend to ask, “How much of this is impacted by the media?”

When you go to (or already went to) the polls, did you think of these things? Is anyone voting based on campaigning principles, or is it all just driven by predetermined views instilled by the surrounding media?

Whether Hillary gets the nomination and attempts to turn this country into the Third Reich, or Obama gets the nod and retains his position at the right hand of the Father, there has never been an election quite like this in terms of unbalanced and biased influence.

As for McCain; well, maybe he’ll avoid hunting accidents and actually make it to Election Day.


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