Disappointing Country Music Fans, One Search at a Time

In an attempt to stay somewhat on-top of this blog as a legitimate vessel of my ego, I’ve been checking stats from time to time. First off : thank you to anyone reading thus far. Usually, I have to spew profanities left and right before getting any sort of response.

Interestingly enough, it turns out general term searching has driven some traffic to RHSP. Awesome news, no?

However, for one unlucky Kenny Chesney fan, their hopes of learning about the all-star line up on a May 28th concert have been brutally dashed to bits:

Search Views
kenny chesney+kid rock may 28th 1

So to said fan, we extend our most (in)sincerest apologies. We can only hope that the brilliant songwriters that have penned such insightful lyrics as “I won’t let evolution gonna make a monkey out of me /Oh Lord, I think I want my rib back.”, and “And we were trying different things, we were smoking funny things” will not let down nearly as bad as we have.


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