Introduction to the Kid

Hi to all, for those whom are new to the world of Welcome!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably young and hip or some other shit that drives bastards like me crazy. Or maybe you’re a nerdy bunghole with time to kill between the next big video game and the latest celebrity sex vid. You really need to get out more often.

I’m Kid Hasselhoff, The Kid for short. No really I am. Sadly, I have no actual blood ties to everyone’s favorite Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff. Although, if we were related, the bat shit craziness that is my life would make a helluva lot of more sense and thus could be explained by things like this ….


And for God sakes this…

“The Hoff” & The Kid do have one thing in common; we are quite the ladies men especially with the German Frauleins. The average looking ones are just fine by me, I’m not talking about some Heidi Klum high-class, high-quality shit! That’s way outta The Hoff’s league. I simply don’t have the time to write this blog and pleasure German Supermodels on daily basis. Multi-tasking is not my forte.


About kidhasselhoff

In the english language, (neither american nor british) I'm what's refered to as a jerkoff. I'm old enough to screw your mom (and yes i have literally screwed a few moms in my day). I'm the guy who picks his nose and wipes the booger on someone else. Like i said i'm a jerkoff. GET OVER IT! View all posts by kidhasselhoff

One response to “Introduction to the Kid

  • alexandra triana

    I was watching TV the other day and I saw a commercial for a new show on NBC called America’s Got Talent. David is going to be a judge! It fits him perfect..check out the clip I attached…you will see what I mean!

    It premiers June 17th 9/8 c

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