The Real World to Stop Being Polite, and Start Getting Real…Real Trendy

As the latest incarnation of Satan’s public access television show The Real World reaches mid-season episodes, reports that pre-production planning has begun for the next installment of drunken debauchery and mindless dramatic tifts. Their desitination: Brooklyn! The MTV Newsroom writes the soon-to-be 21st season of America’s favorite alcohol drenched pseudo-reality television show will be setting their sights on the super trendy area of Williamsburg, where trying to be cool but not trying to be cool, probably the un-coolest thing you can do.

In an announcement that has hipsters shaking in their birkenstocks, local NYC blogs have expressed their anger of MTV’s decision to shoot in their beloved Bklyn the best way they know how : hypocritical, superior-complexed sarcasm.

– “Entering its 21st season, MTV’s The Real World returns to New York for a third time…but for the first time it’s headed to an outer-borough. That’s right, the seven generic, good-looking roommates will be heading to Brooklyn.” – The Gothamist

True : they all can’t look uniquely cliche like :

– “No word yet regarding in which neighborhood the attention-seeking hopefuls will reside and manufacture identity-based conflict.” – The New York Observer

Isn’t that the reason people move to Brooklyn?

– “So, the network has decided to sally forth with yet another installment, apparently continuing the smaller-part of an already done city trend, and will dump a bunch of yokels and rubes in our trendiest and irritatingest borough.“- Gawker

OK – not exactly like the others. Though i tend to give Gawker a pass on many occasions.

Finally, a reason to support the otherwise brain numbing pain that is Jon Murray’s cash cow. Piss off the hipsters of Brooklyn so the rest of can enjoy Brooklyn without judgment. Thanks roommates, who will inevitably be the subject of future negative rantings of this blog and others.


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