R.Kelly “Trapped in the Jail Cell”

From the good folks at Okayplayer.

7:00 in the mornin and a bang on my cell wakes me
im stretchin and yawnin, wishin death on the whole juuury
then a voice says ‘good mornin, darlin’ from the bottom bunk
i sit up on my cot and im lookin round like ‘what the fuck?’
now i got this dumb look on my face like, ‘what did i dooo?
is my butt sore? we didnt.. god tell me this aint truuue’
had too much homemade wiine
ooh what was on my mind?
just lost my child porn case
then these dudes was in my face
sayin ‘kells, here you go just have a little moooore;
you’re stressed plus it taste just like the stuff u get out the store’
then, i put my hands in frunna me,
said ‘no i dont want none’
they looked at me like i was crazy
and said ‘come on, let’s have some fun!
u gon be here a long time.’
i said ‘please dont touch me theere’
i said, ‘ssh! shh! quiet.. i didn’t pee on no babies!’
i said, ‘racism abounds, they tryna take a black man dooooown!
they doin me just like they did michael!’
then i think, that’s a baad example
shit.. think.. shit.. think… shit, i shouldnta said michael.
now im in this jail cell tryna figure ooout
just how to keep this man’s peeenis out my moooouth
he gets closer and says ‘sit down.’
i say ‘no, im good, thank you’
takes another step with a smile on his face and says ‘nigga, iiii didn’t ASK you’
i take a big step back and say, ‘look man you gotta believe me;
im innocent, and one day soon my lawyers are gooonna free me’
he says ‘we saw the tape, and we all know that that was you;
you a child molester! do you know what’s finna happen to yooou?’
you not gonna believe it, but things get deeper as the story goes on
next thing you know there’s three more dudes; im like, ‘oh nooo’
i try my best to quickly make them get rid of their haaaate
but by the way they looked i could tell it was too late
i say ‘hey, how bout an autograph from you to me?!’
and he’s like ‘u cant write, nigga, we know that you can’t reeeead!’
then he lunges at meeee
im bangin on the bars
i says ‘dude, i didnt do nothin!’
and he says, ‘bitch, say no moooore!’
he says ‘we bout to do you like you did
that little girl on the tape!’
i say ‘what are you talkin bout?
that wasnt me on that tape!!’

‘that WAS you on that taape!’

im gettin real nervous

‘no, not ME on that tape! that’s my cousin pervis!’

‘we all saw the taaape
and that’s you on that taaaape,
you nasty muhfuuuucker!’



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