Viva la Coldplay : MTV Movie Awards Performance of Latest Single

There are few things I still can enjoy watching MTV: reruns of Jackass, True Life tales of other people’s misery, and the MTV Movie Awards. Two of them involve the self-destructive acts of stupid people. But why the third, you may be asking?Besides for being run very well (most of the time) and have actual talent on its show, the MTV Movie Awards bring in some great musical acts.

This year, Coldplay took the stage to perform “Viva la Vida”, off their new album due to drop in June. There is something epic about the band, and it isn’t Chris Martin’s new hairstyle. They’ve always been able to build so much space in the simplest ways. I’m excited to see how Brian Eno has adapted, worked off, and even improved on this quality. Judging from the first two singles: so far, so good.

Check out Coldplay’s performance here.


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