(Sub)[urban]ism -vs- (PC)ism -vs- Gabe(ism): Part 2

Blowjob, BJ, Chin-nuts, Cock-sucking, Salami Swallowing….




I was expecting a typical congratulatory pat-on-the back, and to my surprise, received some special mouth loving.


Stop talking about that Gringa Monica Lewinsky. Everyone knows that fat chicks are more eager.

This for all my peeps out on the West Coast. Here’s an oldie but a goodie…


About kidhasselhoff

In the english language, (neither american nor british) I'm what's refered to as a jerkoff. I'm old enough to screw your mom (and yes i have literally screwed a few moms in my day). I'm the guy who picks his nose and wipes the booger on someone else. Like i said i'm a jerkoff. GET OVER IT! View all posts by kidhasselhoff

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