Artist Says America Says: It Kills To Be Democratic Presidential Candidates…Literally

A crowd of curious on-lookers gathered around a vacant space on 40th street in New York City near the Port Authority, to get a glimpse of a curiously worded window message, referencing an assassination of former Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton:

Upon further investigation, it turns out the space, located across the street from The New York Times building, is the final installment of a previously canceled art exhibits. The aptly titled “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton” and “The Assassination of Barack Obama” are the visual criticisms of artist Yazmany Arboleda, who’s inspiration was found in what he believes as society’s attempt to destroy the reputation of anyone in power.

The exhibits were closed in their former homes at Leah Keller and Naomi Gates Galleries in Chelsea, due to “legal issues” stemming from its controversial topic matter. However, both exhibits will be on display for the last time at it’s location at “Anavailablespace”, on 40th street between 7th and 8th avenue on June 5th. I’m guessing the same public officials who intially had it shut down weren’t aware of this, as police were forced to cover up the display as the number of on-lookers rose.

assassination on store-front

Timing couldn’t be any better to garner some publicity for the exhibit, as Clinton has been the subject of much scrutiny for her own assassination comments. And with Barack Obama’s historic clinching of the Democratic Presidential candidate, the bar has been raised higher than it’s been in months.

Still, you have to give credit: it is controversial. I snapped the photo above, thinking I had some great exclusive that would take this relatively unknown blip of a blog to Digg glory. Damn you, Arboleda! Damn you to hell!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Arboleda has since been brought in for questioning by police and Secret Service agents, but has been released with no charges against him. The gallery has since removed the word “Assassination” from its window.


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