Dear Hillary: Please let go. Thanks!

So I was watching Hillary’s speech last night. You know, the night where Obama received enough votes to become the Democratic Party Nominee.

It is clearly evident that she can not handle the reality of losing. At no point did she concede the nomination to Obama and at no point did she admit she lost. She said “I am making no decisions tonight.” WTF? What she did include in the speech were her agendas and “what she wants to do.” Now, if I hadn’t known that Obama finally won this drawn out race, I would have been under the impression that we were just beginning this competition.

Ya know, it’s like when you break up with your girlfriend and she doesn’t understand it’s over. She calls you to talk things out and hopes to rekindle the relationship, but there’s nothing there anymore. It’s over. She says “But it was meant to be.” Well, I’m sorry, but things just didn’t work out.

Hillary, things just didn’t work out. Sorry. Good luck in the future. Please do the classy thing and give Obama your full support and stop trying to steal the attention.

Please let go.

I just had to get that rant out.


2 responses to “Dear Hillary: Please let go. Thanks!

  • helloimwes

    She seems to want some closure … in the form of a Vice Presidency spot.

  • soulsanctified

    Sore loser isn’t a strong enough word to convey Billary’s antics as of late. Instead of going out with class and dignity, she’s being pushed off the stage like the SandMan at the Apollo. The Fat Lady’s been singing since Feb. 5th!

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