Oh Hai!

Heeeeeey fellas! It’s me, the chick. The only hope for pumping some estrogen into RHSP. For now, anyway. Quite a task! It’s a little daunting. I guess I’m supposed to talk about dating, pregnant celebrities, or LOLcats (on all of which I’m a guilty of being an expert) (okay so maybe ‘expert’ doesn’t exactly capture the essence of my experience in dating). ANYWAY. Fuck all that. Here’s some Epic-Fails from GTA IV, and more smooth helicopter landings, graceful falls, and a bonus scooter clip after the jump:

My personal favorite, motorcycle-off-the-empire-state-building:

A. Bikes!

Motorcycles make for the best crashes by far. Four quickies:

B. Helicopter

Trying to land a helicopter in this game seems a bit more difficult than necessary. That, or I suck. But hey, not as much as this dude:

C. Falls

Ok, so you’ve all probably already seen the helicopter bails, so a long-fall isn’t exactly mind blowing. But watch this idiot run off a crane- bonus points for going down blazing that AK.

What’s that you say? How does it get worse than falling to your death from great heights? Why, try getting blown from even greater heights by a rocket launcher, and then falling to your death!

D. Montage with ridiculously long intro, set to Metallica:

Ok, so they aren’t ‘fails’, but c’mon… Skip 46 seconds in to cut the intro, highlight IMO is at 3:49.

Bonus: Scooter Brothers

…just because this is the kind of stupid shit I do in this game. That and Cinematic-Camera speedy crashfests! Also taking Michelle out constantly, then snickering as she gets out of the car all pissy when I don’t make a move. Slut. Needless to say I haven’t even progressed far enough through the missions to get into fake-Manhattan yet. I blame the ovaries! Oh, and the ADD.


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