Directors Starring In Reality Based Media Film : A Look into the Future?

What started as Spike Lee’s criticism of the lack of Black soldiers in Clint Eastwood’s films “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters From Iwo Jima”, sparked a back and forth of bickering, citing historical inaccuracies on both parties accounts.

The Huffington Post reported yesterday the rebuttals of the famous directors, Eastwood suggesting Lee to “shut his face”, and Lee bringing to Eastwood’s attention, “we’re not on a plantation”.

“Oh no you dint,” said one director.

“Oh yes I deed,” replied the other.

Who would have guessed it? On one side, a crotchety, old white guy, experienced in war.

And on the other, a younger, inspirational story teller, street-wise and open for change.

Clashing and arguing over two different points of view of how America was, and how America should be perceived.


When will Hollywood just leave the reality of things … IN reality!


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