Have You Stopped Believing Yet?

Happy Anniversary, Sopranos fans! A year ago today, David Chase made you lust for blood and delicious onion rings, then pulled the plug on you in the name of pretentious filmmaking:

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I decided to look back at the TV.com Sopranos message board thread for the memorable “Made in America” finale, plucking only the choicest quotes from the first 15 or so pages, before my eyes glazed over and I just said fuck it.

I should note on a personal level that I never thought The Sopranos was all that great a show anyway, but having watched the close of the series a year later, I managed to avoid laughing uproariously (boy, were you people pissed) long enough to discover that the final scene really isn’t all that bad.

Still, that’s just one man’s opinion. After the jump, we’ll have a look at a few others provided from this thread, which actually doubles as a fascinating example of the Five Stages of Grief.

Stage One: Denial 
exsudburyguy: Well, that was weird. I thought I lost my cable signal there when it just went to black.

GenXChad: when the scene just went to black I thought something was wrong. So it ended with them just eating? or are they about to all be shot up and killed by those 2 black guys?

Stage Two: Anger
LSU_ALUMNI: I have no fathom of what in the H#ll was going on. The ending was TERRIBLE , who was the guy in the grey Members Only jacket, what about the 3 guys that came in. How in the H#ll does it take 15 minutesto park a car in a spot that you could fit a semi? It’s simple either its not over yet or we as a whole were ROBBED. This is no way to end a show that has been a household name for almost 8 years. My guess is we were robbed. What a way to end.

knoxville3971: LMAO, that blew…

ill admit, i dont wantch this show, ever. but i decided 2 watch the last 15 minutes because i live in bloomfield n i go 2 hollsteins alot. but seriously…. was that it…



BruceRM: This was the worst episode of any TV show I’ve ever seen. Pathetic, miserable, horrible, boring, stupid. Anyone who says “that was a masterpiece” is a complete jerkoff, suffering from stockholm syndrome, too ashamed to admit the show that they’ve dedicated countless hours to raped them in the end.

Stage Three: Bargaining
thelostsopranos: ok ill admit i was fu*%ing surprised i mean i was like sweating waiting for something to go down in the diiner and then BOOM!!!! the SCREEN GOES BLACK DAMNNNNNN YOU DAVID!! OH WELL AN AMAZING SHOW NONE THE LESS


Stage Four: Depression
peprmpati: It is like they forgot to put in the last 30sec of the show. I even check my DVR to see if thay snuck it in…But they did not.I am so disaponted.

Stage Five: Acceptance
Tbreaz5015: When i first watched it I also felt this to be the worst ending in TV history. After watching the ending lots of time I now have realized that it is completely genius.


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