Facing the Book : Zuckerberg’s Digital Empire and the Challenges of the Legal Finger Pointing

Ever since they put this on their cover:

Hills RS Cover

I’ve been less and less inclined to reading Rolling Stone, the once biblical reference book for everything good in music, turned popular culture watchdog. I forgave them for their attempt at pseudo-credible journalist reality show “I’m From Rolling Stone”, but this was crossing the line.

Still, with Coldplay’s Chris Martin gracing the cover this month, complimenting a wonderful Q&A interview written by Brian Hiatt, there was some redemption. Furthermore, what really surprised me was the secondary cover story, which involved 24-year-old Facebook impresario Mark Zuckerberg, detailing the lonely road and many burned bridges traveled on his path in creating the now 6th most visited site on the internet.

I suppose with any relatively new product that hits it big (although calling the company’s $15 billion value big is a gross understatement), many want their share of the pie. Still, I wasn’t aware of the actual amount of smashed toes and cold shoulders were turned in turning a once dorm-room business into a worldwide phenomenon (my MOM is on Facebook, which, sadly, automatically drops a few cool points in its favor).

Three former associates of Zuckerberg’s allege he lifted the idea off their initial preliminary planning for multi-college social network, now called ConnectU (which has gone the way of the Friendster, for the most part). Meanwhile, another claims he created “thefacebook.com” before Zuckerberg did, despite it not picking up speed and inevitably went under.

Here’s what they had to say about the Facebook “creator”:

“We got royally screwed,” Divya Narendra, one of the students, has testified. And in April, another classmate, Aaron Greenspan, filed a petition to cancel Facebook’s trademark, claiming he invented an online facebook months before Zuckerberg. Greenspan, who has compiled reams of e-mails chronicling his months of communication with Zuckerberg, bristles at equating the Facebook prodigy with Microsoft’s founder. “Gates was shrewd, calculating and insanely competitive, bordering on autistic,” Greenspan writes in his self-published autobiography. “Mark was inarticulate and naive.”

Still, aren’t most geniuses not without their character flaws? Without his otherwise awkward mannerisms, would Facebook have even existed?

I think it’s just a full-blown case of playa hatin’. Fellas, the game waits up for nobody! And Zuckerberg demonstrates that with every step he takes in getting his product everywhere.

Anycrap, decide for yourself here, and check out his 60-Minute interview after the jump.


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