Bruno Comes Out … In Theaters Next Spring

The third installment of Sasha Baron Cohen’s comedic holy trinity, “Bruno”, is expected to hit theaters May 2009. According to the Best Week Ever Blog, Austria’s beloved gay news reporter will run against “Angels and Demons”, the sequel to blockbuster and best selling book “The Da Vinci Code”.

Let’s see here …

One features a man’s quest to uncover the secret society that threatens Christianity as we know it, and the other showcases the quest of a man, a member of a closeted society that destroys the sanctity of Christianity, in an effort to spread an exceptional journalistic message. Going to be a tough choice to make at the movies that Friday night.

Here’s a clip of, hands-down, the funniest Bruno clip ever aired.

Check out more “ack-ya approved” clips after the jump:


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3 responses to “Bruno Comes Out … In Theaters Next Spring

  • Pete

    “So why is being GAY so out this Season?”

    “Hes got a little something to remind me of the good old days”


  • peteypabsays

    “Being fabulous”
    “What does that mean?”
    “You know, just being fabulous!”

    “Eating very, very chocolatey stuff, all the time”
    “If your doing it with the fellowship of Christian friends, akya”

  • Frank

    “If you did have sex with another man of the same sex as yourself…”

    Bit redundant, no?

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