Opie and Anthony tears off 9-11 Truther’s Rears, Hands it Back to Them With Message

I came across this old YouTube clip of radio’s Opie and Anthony crew – Greg “Opie” Hughes, Anthony Cumia, and Jim Norton – on their daily walk through Manhattan from the KROCK studios over to XM. They across a group of 9-11 Truthers, a group who claim that the attacks on September 11th were perpetuated and constructed by the US government, to bring the country into war with Iraq, amongst other claims. Norton proceeds to do what he does best: rip n00bs a new one:

Now, I’ve watched Loose Change, a documentary that first brought to light the possibilities of 9-11 being an inside job. And, I watched the film’s creators Dylan Avery and Jason Burmis in an interview with Democracy Now, debating with the editors of Popular Mechanics of the logistics of their movie as well as the events of 9-11.

The points made do get you thinking.  But as O&A clearly point out, it gives way too much credit to our government.    You can see in both the bearded-weirdo and Burmis in their respective videos their angry, close-minded views on the issue.  As much as they urge the public to open up to possibilities, its hypocritical for them to shut-down when faced with the same request.

This is the same problem with people on the far right, who claim that it is un-American to be opposed of the war, because that means you do not support the troops.  It’s shows poor taste and lacks respect to the people actually affected by the issue.  It isn’t wrong to ask questions, so long as you’re willing to accept answers that may or may not reflect your own beliefs.

And instead of protesting properly, like calmly explaining one’s point of view, or developing an actual plan that will garner some legitimate attention to the issue, these idiots do the most unproductive, asinine things.

What pro-war group decided that the best way to rally support for our troops abroad would be to sell shitty car magnets and flag pins?  And clearly the 9-11 truthers must not be bothered by the stank-laden bums and beggers who stop them at random on streets?

I’m so glad Monmouth University made me take Critical Discourse.   I now possess the skills to effectively voice my opinion, and air my grievances with the otherwise moronic brothers and sisters of my country.

Parts 1 and 3 of O&A’s encounter with the truthers follows below …


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