InBev Buy Out Anheuser-Busch: Different Bud/Stella Beer, Same Cool-Piss Refreshment

Two of the (arguably) world’s most well-known pilsners are coming together in the same six-pack. And chances are, you won’t even taste the difference.

Yesterday, The New York Times reported the aquisition of Anheuser-Busch, brewer of red-neck American favorite Budweiser and , by Belgium’s InBev. If you’re a world traveler, or some pseudo-Euro hipster trying to appear trendy to their friends, you’ll know that InBev’s beer-de-force is Stella Artois: light, crisp, refreshing, and owning a cute reputation of being the beer of choice for wife-beating men.

OK, so Bud and Stella do have something in common.

The estimated $52 billion price tag would place beers such as Michelob, Bass, and Busch under the same roof. Although seemingly unprecedented due to the synonymous relation of Anheuser to “the American beer”, mergers between The Miller Brewing Company and South African Breweries in 1999, or
the Adolph Coors Company and Molson of Canada in 2005 does not make this deal necessarily the first.

Many Americans have spoken out against the merger, including Barack Obama and John McCain, who’s wife Cindy is chairwoman to a large Anheuser-Busch distribution company. More importantly, America’s favorite patriot, Stephen Colbert, delivered a tirade of his own last night, and is below for your viewing pleasure:

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