What’s Killing Hip-Hop Now: Diddy TV

To quote the wise words of a once semi-prosperous and legitimate face of modern rap music:

“Y’all know it’s all fucked up now right? // What the fuck I’ma do now? //What I’ma do now?”

That’s right, Mr. Diddy Daddy Sean Combs. What are the budding internet stars of tomorrow supposed to do now … huh? I suppose everything IS fucked up right now. Especially when you’re stealing the YouTube spotlight from hard-working indie-internet sensations like crying Britney Spears douche, or laughing German baby?

Are we to assume, sir, that by posting trite videos, reveling in a shocking self-discovery that he does, in fact, have “ten fingers and ten toes”, that Diddy hates babies?

Judge for yourself from the latest video blog posted at Diddy TV, where our favorite non-emcee shares his most intimate feelings of his inner-thug-child:

There is no dagger more sharper, driving into the heart of hip-hop, then the one with the insightful inscription that reads, “I just wanted to come check in with ya’ll, and tell ya I just got finished running .. just got finished breathing! And I’m alive! And I can run!”

Uh-huh, Diddy. Yeah! That is some serious Bad Boy Fo’ Life shit right there.


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2 responses to “What’s Killing Hip-Hop Now: Diddy TV

  • Gabriel

    Yes Diddy… I wonder what his name is gonna be if/when he shortens it again…Mr. D?…master a making bad Raps sound good buy remixing::cough::stealing::cough a classic, good and someone else’s beat. A musician he is not, talented, um questionable. Being in the right place/hanging with the right people at the right time, yes. Now he’s co-opting something that is cool and now that hes on there will be copy cats. Isnt what he is doing a video diary, and isnt there another site he can do that, or with the $$$ he can create his own site/company. Or I guess he is following is own/city/street mentality of why make it when its already made and a can use it to make money for my self. “Make Money” with out actually working, ::cough::What was known as welfare::cough::cough ,everyone ones dream and hes a MASTER at it.

    Oh rap died when Kid Rock was referred to as a rapper, or may be with Master P. (Ehhhh [constipation sound]Nah Nah Na-Nah) some where around there.

  • Gabriel

    Comment PartII:
    Making money with out actually working is can be seen ghettonomics, which is also done by most CEOs who never actually do the work but take all the credit and make the most money.

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