Jon Stewart Thinks I’m Gay: A Reflection of My First Daily Show Taping

Inside the lobby of The Daily Show

Inside the lobby of The Daily Show

My first reaction was: Jon Stewart is talking and looking directly at me.
My second reaction was : god damnit, Jon Stewart thinks I’m gay!

These were the thoughts circulating through my star-struck fan boy head, sitting nearly 10-feet away from the desk of Jon Stewart, on the set of The Daily Show. The truly personable, humble, and tiny host of Comedy Central’s satire-political program stood before an amped crowd of 250, allowing the audience hit him with any questions that have been circulating in their buzzing minds.

I score the VIP tickets, he gets the first seat!

Ain't it a bitch: I score the VIP tickets, he gets the first seat!

Many ponder this predicament in their heads : if I had the opportunity to ask America’s Anchor a question, what would I ask?

“Where’s George Michael!?”

The first question of the short Q&A session, the one moment to ask anything in the world, and this is what I ask.

Perplexed, Stewart grimaces, and says, “Wow. That’s certainly not a question I’d expect a dude to ask.”

Of course, I’m not torn up that he wasn’t the guest. But I made a ton of George Michael jokes all week, and I didn’t want them to go to waste!

Surprisingly enough, Stewart apologized for the late change in the programming, taking it upon himself to personally rectify the situation. And this is the nature of his demeanor: respectful, humble, and, of course, funny.

If watching the program feels short-lived to home viewers, the taping is a relative eye-blinking of it.  After waiting outside the studio, inside the lobby, and sitting inside Stewart and company’s kingdom, the already short half-hour show turns to nearly 15-minutes of solid entertainment.  Still, watching how everything comes together was incredible.  Clever camera tricks and director cues make the studio look enormous.  While our seats were about 10-feet away from the famous desk, any seat in the house would produce an equally intimate look.

Stewart has incredible command of the audience and show.  It’s clear the man knows what he’s doing, and while not knowing exactly where a segment will end up, he knows the right direction to travel in.  The years have certainly made him wiser, articulate, and certainly smarter-ass’d than ever before.

Did I mention I’m a fan boy?

Best part of the experience: Larry Wilmore, senior black correspondent.  Either he’s a gigantic man, or Stewart is teenie.

I think it’s a little of both.


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