Dennis Kucinich is an Angry, Angry Man : Speech at DNC Reveals Slight Chip on Shoulder

With keynote speakers like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton under their belts, and Joe Biden and Bill Clinton scheduled tonight, the Democratic National Convention need not promote or publicize every single guest that steps on the Denver, Colorado stage. What’s more understandable is the decision (whether intentional or not) not to alert the media of guest speaker Ohio Senator Dennis Kucinich, who’s 6-plus minute speech on everything that is wrong with America gained mixed reactions:

Kucinich’s obvious anger and disdain for the mistakes made by the Bush Administration is both admirable and destable.  While accountability and responsibility are two things needed to be addressed by the perpetrator’s of said crimes, it’s important to keep a level head in this crucial transitionary period.  Critics and skeptics are quick to lean to judgement, especially when the line between passion and psychotic is drawn so thin.


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