When Marriage is Not For Gays, the Republicans Shall Play : Convention After-Parties Show Conservative Love for All Things Un-Christian

The Republican National Convention began last night in the Twin Cities of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 team was there live-blogging from Monday’s post-convention festivities. If the night’s activities were any indication on where our right-winged bretheren intend on taking the US, then the conservatives have a strategy they intend to fix the economy, lower gas prices, and win the war on terror : hot blond women, and good ole’ blasty-ass rock n’ roll!

Take a look at these brave patriots, helping the rest of us un-Americans raise our proverbial flagpoles high towards the sky:

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Nearby, Ron Paul’s “Rally For the Republic” ran its own kid’s table sized convention, in attempts to bring the Republican party back to its true conservative roots.  And what better way to unwind after a long day of reaffirming your love of the forefathers, and renewed disdain for gay marriage than a libertarian after party at Club Jäger!

Conservative Hooker Bimbo Dancers and Jager?! Have my morals and common sense led me to the wrong political party?


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