Playing on Hate and Fear: RNC Debuts Disgusting 9-11 “Tribute” To Rally Support for “Cause”

Tom Brokaw should be stocking up on his Nyquil: I can’t see him possibly sleeping at night for even attempting to comment on what the Republicans showed on the closing night of their convention.

In a truly unbelievably desparate attempt to garner any sense of credibility and legitimacy for their cause, a video envoking the tragedy on September 11th was played, showing footage of Islamic militants, Osama bin Laden, and the last destructive moments of the World Trade Center.  Cameras panned over the graves and memorial tributes of those lost in 9-11 accented the clip, played 90 minutes before John McCain took stage to deliver his speech.

John McCain would rather lose an election than have his country lose a war.  But is he seriously willing to sacrifice moral sensibility and decency in showing that horrendous video to win the presidency?   It was baffling to hear those mindless robots applauding, as if to say they awknowledge their orders: hate Muslims, fear Islam, and live in perpetual dread of attack.

Keith Olbermann deserves a standing ovation for courageously refusing to contribute to such filth.  There is a huge difference between impartial journalism, and the need to stand-up against outright disgusting propaganda.

[via Huffington Post]


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