Katy Perry Kissed A Girl, Lesbian Community Asks, “And…?”

Katy Perry impresses me and infuriates me at the same time.  I’m trying so hard not to hate her, because her music has such an interesting dynamic to it that is unavoidable.  She doesn’t have the greatest voice, but it’s strong and memorable.  Her lyrics aren’t deep, but her hooks are catchy as hell.  I’m buying into Perry’s image of a sheltered-Catholic girl raging against the society that spawned her.  But take a look at this interview she gave with Artisan News Service:

How can she purposefully stand apart from “that girl”, but embodies “her” the minute she opens her mouth?  Perry ridicules the girls at the bar for their drunk sing-alongs, while covers “Your Love” by the Outfield? Really?!

I can see how the Brits can’t stand Lily Allen.  It’s not enough to be a semi-talented artist with good songs for these chicks, is it? (For the record, Lily Allen does kick ass)

Besides, Perry’s cover is a little lacking.  Doesn’t stand up to Allen’s “Nan, You’re A Window Shopper” take on 50 Cent.


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