Allianz: Worse Than Hitler?

New Yorkers who apparently lacked any better ideas of how to use their time yesterday took the opportunity to register their disgust in several published accounts regarding the potential sale of the naming rights to the new Jets’ and Giants’ football stadium (in Jersey, natch) to the Munich-based insurance and finance group Allianz.

The reason? Purportedly, everyone associated with the German-based company is, in fact, a big stupid Nazi jerk. And why wouldn’t they be? They’re from Germany, after all, and everyone knows that’s where Hitler’s from. All the pieces fit.

Want more? Apparently Allianz, the large German-based insurance firm that it is, had the audacity to insure concentration camps during the Nazi regime. Surely they could’ve just told Hitler that they weren’t interested. The fact that they didn’t just goes to show you what Nazi bastards they really were (and one must assume still are).

Now, someone from Allianz might claim that all of this happened in the past and while they don’t expect everyone to forget what happened, they’d at least like to try move past it. They might point to someone like Pope Benedict XVI, a former Hitler youth, as someone that everyone has forgiven for his past transgressions. (Well, almost everyone. Fuck him. That racist. I’m dramatically tearing up a picture of him right now. That’ll show ’em.) But really, that would be like comparing apples and oranges.

In the case of Pope Benedict’s recent visit to Yankee Stadium, while his visit surely did wonders for the New York economy, he was not directly donating any of his dirty, vaguely-Nazi-related money to the NYC area. Could you imagine the outcry if he did?

Contrast this to Allianz, who by trying to buy the naming rights to the new stadium at the Meadowlands are blatantly and aggressively trying to rub our capitalism in our faces. Those jerks. I’m actually a bit shocked that an organization with the integrity of the National Football League would allow an issue over naming rights to escalate to this level, especially when the only thing that can be gained from the situation is money. But it’s happening.

Should Allianz’s bid be accepted, a dangerous precedent would be set. Soon we could be looking at a full-scale Nazi stadium naming rights invasion over in the States. The thought is terrifying, even if it sounds magnificently profitable right now. (Particularly enterprising ownership groups could even get other countries in on the action. “Hello, Japan, this is the Green Bay Packers. How’d you like a piece of Lambeau Field? Everything about our identity must go! Hang on, Italy’s on the other line.”)

But we must hold strong. Even if it means every single American joining together, pooling their money for the collective good of outbidding Allianz and instead naming the new Giants/Jets Stadium “America Presents Isolationist Field,” I’m sure that’s something most of the country would be in favor of.

The alternative could be worse than Hitler.

UPDATE: God Bless America!


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