McCain and Walters Spar on Palin’s Earmark Spending Issue, Punches Pulled Due to Arthritis Pains

John McCain took a seat on the comfy “View” couch earlier today, and proceeded to get the “picking on” of a lifetime. Much like a teenage slumber party makeover to the helpless little brother, the Republican presidential hopeful took heat from both sides of the sofa, particularly from fellow fossil-woman Barbara Walters.

McCain decided to ditch talks of outlining solutions to the nation’s economic struggles, needs of health care for the un-insured, and a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq: you know, that “View”ish girl stuff.

Instead, the Arizona senator used his coffee talk spotlight to dispel the vicious rumors perpetuated, of course, by the leftist liberal-puppy-killing media, of running mate Sarah Palin’s acceptance of earmark spending by the government. Watch the internal restraint of utter rage on the part of McCain as Walters and Joy Behar nag him to no end.  Funny, I thought the only show you can see a man’s soul and very being crushed was this.

McCain made a calculated error on this.  It’s not so much that everything he said doesn’t stand well with the facts.  He should have just had Tyra Banks do another horrible Michelle Obama tribute. Nothing gets the heat off your own running mate than that Titanic-sinking celebrity endorsement.


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