Sir Alex Ferguson Defends Sloppy Play and Bookings of Man U

Manchester United left Stamford Bridge with only one point Sunday in their match against Chelsea, whose undefeated streak at home remains at a high 85 games.  Struggling to gain their usual strong footing on the Premiership League tables with many of their starters out due to injury, the 1-1 draw against the Blues further demonstrated the club’s inability to succeed during these first few games of the season.  Six total bookings against Man U saw their top boys – Scholes, Ferdinand, Neville, Berbatov, Rooney, Evra, and Ronaldo – all with yellow cards, leading to an automatic fine issued by the Football Association in the amount upwards of £25,000.

It’s a given that managers need to stand by their team through thick and thin.  But, it’s almost startling to hear Sir Alex Feguson find nothing wrong with quality of his player’s performance, specifically to the plays leading to their bookings. Both Neville and Rooney’s tackles had 0 traces of defendable justification, while Ronaldo’s arrogant demeanor towards the official’s call shows little class to his immense talent.  Sir Alex should book himself a trip to the eye doctor.  Though both sides did not play to their potential, clearly Ferguson had not seen the same 90 minutes that everyone else had.


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One response to “Sir Alex Ferguson Defends Sloppy Play and Bookings of Man U

  • Chelsea fc

    Sir Alex loves to defend his naughty players and always blames everything on the refs. Ol’ red face has done it for years and in the end his team are always the ones who get the most penalty calls in favor of them. It’s mind games and Fergie loves it!

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