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“Phillies Are World Champions.”

And you know what that means. Some footage of top-notch rioting, brought to you by YouTube.

Courtesy of alexkworld, who’s seemingly been documenting the riots all night, feast your eyes on just a small portion of the carnage on Broad Street shortly after Brad Lidge slammed the door on the Tampa Bay Rays to give the Philadelphia its first major sports championship since 1983:

While I chose this clip because it seemed to feature a random loud shot being fired and the image of rioters apparently overtaking a fire truck, there’s plenty more insanity where that came from, including one of my personal favorite riot standards, the overturned car, if you click here. (Here’s another one biting the dust. And one of a news van being shaken.)

Apparently West Chester University got in on the fun over on Walnut Street as well, at least according to this piece of video, already edited together for your viewing pleasure:

This one, from over on Chestnut and 15th, gets awesome about a minute in. On a night where people are climbing onto traffic lights, tipping over cars and setting off fireworks in the streets, one man appears to have taken it upon himself to think of a way to make himself stand out while demonstrating his love for the Phils. And oh, how he succeeds.:

I’m not even going to try to follow that. Seriously, that guy is a genius.

Okay, maybe just one more:

Well said, folks.

Congrats to the Phillies and the city of Philadelphia on their World Series title. I’ll probably keep monitoring YouTube for more riot videos in the next day, as I am, if nothing else, a big fan of chaos. So if there are any more videos worth posting — and I’m sure there will be — they shall be added.

UPDATE: And now there are a couple more after the jump.

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McCain Supporter Ashley Todd’s Mugger Found, and Appears Irresistibly Chocolately

It turns out that the mugging of McCain supporter Ashley Todd that has since been proved as a hoax may not be so made up after all. The Texas College Republicans National Committee volunteer claims that after sustaining a brutal beating for her McCain bumper sticker and $60, her alleged black assailant proceeded to shame her by groping her. And when you look this good, it makes her story that much more believable:

However, startling new evidence may shine some light on her allegations, as video evidence of what appears to be an exact description of her attacker: a tall, black man, who cannot stay away from innocent women:

Those dead-panned, rapist eyes will forever be burned into my nightmares.  Let’s keep praying that this bastard is apprehended, POST-HASTE!

[Image via Faux News]

McCain Supporters Cut Themselves

Guess what, everybody! It turns out Ashley Todd was full of shit! Fox News (and everybody else) is reporting that the 20-year-old McCain campaign volunteer who was allegedly mugged and had a perfectly-formed backwards B carved into her face by a suspect she might as well have described to police as “6’4 and as if comprised entirely of chocolate” made the whole thing up.

Pittsburgh police were operating under the assumption that the motive for the attack was the McCain bumper sticker that Todd had proudly affixed to the bumper of her Ford Taurus.

Alas, she was full of it.

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Interrupting Politics As Usual: Bollywood Predicts Massive Zombie Outbreak in Election

Sure, the title of this post is a bit of a reach. OK, it’s down right V.I.C. silly. But what better way to describe the current mentality of the common American voter. Either side will argue that if his or her opponent wins, sheer fear and terror will take over. And what better median to predict this than the ever-confusingly thriving Bollywood entertainment industry:

Un-dead Indian Michael Jackson dressed all in red: coincidence?  I think not.

Seth Petruzelli Kills Kimbo, Then Elite XC Dies Of Grief

10/20 UPDATE: has confirmed an earlier report that Elite XC is done after CBS chose to pull out of negotiations to buy the company in light of the Florida Boxing Commission’s decision to investigate the promotion following Petruzelli’s claims that he was paid to stand in his main event win over Kimbo Slice. So, yes, Ken Shamrock getting hurt in training just hours before his headline fight set off an amazing chain reaction that would ultimately kill the company he was supposed to fight for. That is one hell of a cut.

Word of a cancellation of their November 8 show and any future events is expected shortly.

Earlier updates on this debacle, as well as a series of YouTube links that chronicle the questionable MMA exploits of Kimbo Slice, can be found after the jump.

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McCain : Autism, Down Syndrome, What’s The Difference?

Don’t pee on the maverick’s leg and tell him it’s raining. More importantly, don’t even dare think to tell John McCain what ailment Sarah Palin’s child has. Despite numerous mentions of his running mate’s experience with special needs families, he fails to realize that baby Trig does not have autism, which he specifically calls out in his unrelated tangent: he has DOWN SYNDROME!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In response to the obvious blunder, the McCain campaign released an immediate explanation:

Poe-tay-toe, poe-tah-toe, autism, down syndrome : let’s call this campaign off.

[Via Ben Smith]

Great Moments In Ill-Timed Urination: Nick And Norah’s Infinite Embarrassment

Classify this as more childish humor if you must, but I invite you to have a look at some of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist star Kat Dennings’ early work, as she and a male acquaintance exchange bedwetting war stories before pushing pills on their mattress-ruining target demo:

If that’s not enough for you, there’s more Kat-generated comedy on her official YouTube channel, though this time the funny is meant to be funny.