What does the latest McCain Camp’s Ad Reveal About Joe Biden: Absolutely Nothing!

I’ve had a running conversation with several of my friends regarding the delivery John McCain gave during the 2008 Presidential Debate last Friday from Mississippi. A recurring observation that many have pointed out is the republican’s conviction-laden, substance-lacking performance. Many of the points given had strong tones with no meaning behind it.

With that being said, who better suited to rinse and repeat the same bullshit nonesense than the conservative base.  Only a republican could truly transfer the same packaged message TWICE!  The latest attack ad, released the day of the Vice Presidential Debate, attempts to rattle the cage of the Delarware senator.  But anything less than a Scorsese calibar ad will do little, if any, damage control, brought upon Sarah Palin’s train wreck interview with Katie Couric. Watch as the McCain campaign try to stick it to Joe Biden.  And by “stick”, I mean play clips of him talking.  And by “it”, I mean nothing.  Empty cookie car nothing.  Bachelor refridgerator nothing.  Palin’s common sense nothing.

Get it?

[via Huffington Post]


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