Sarah Palin’s Philly Approval Rating: Somewhere Between Owens and Carter

In a highly predictable turn of events — something that anyone reasonably in tune with Philadelphia sports fans, and perhaps the city in general, could’ve seen coming — vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin encountered an impressive amount of vitriol from the sold out crowd at the Wachovia Center tonight when she took the ice prior to Saturday night’s Flyers home opener to drop the ceremonial first puck. Palin’s appearance, orchestrated by Flyers chairman and Republican supporter Ed Snider, was made under the auspices of a tie-in to the Flyers’ search for the “Ultimate Hockey Mom.” (In a brilliant bit of foreshadowing, the press release identified Palin as “the nation’s most popular hockey mom” in much the same way one might identify Paris Hilton as the nation’s most popular hotel heiress, George W. Bush as the nation’s most popular President of the United States of America, or H5N1 as the nation’s most popular pandemic threat.)

So here’s how that turned out. First, how it looked on television:

And then, how it was in reality, from several angles (more after the jump):

I’m sure it’s just the acoustics, but isn’t it kind of interesting how the hatred seems to increase as the shots move further and further up? Just something that stuck out to me, along with how much it apparently sucks to be popular these days.

Oh, and if anyone cares (for personal reasons I prefer to pretend that this and any other sporting event that started after 7 PM on Saturday night never happened), the Rangers won 4-3.


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