McCain Supporter Ashley Todd’s Mugger Found, and Appears Irresistibly Chocolately

It turns out that the mugging of McCain supporter Ashley Todd that has since been proved as a hoax may not be so made up after all. The Texas College Republicans National Committee volunteer claims that after sustaining a brutal beating for her McCain bumper sticker and $60, her alleged black assailant proceeded to shame her by groping her. And when you look this good, it makes her story that much more believable:

However, startling new evidence may shine some light on her allegations, as video evidence of what appears to be an exact description of her attacker: a tall, black man, who cannot stay away from innocent women:

Those dead-panned, rapist eyes will forever be burned into my nightmares.  Let’s keep praying that this bastard is apprehended, POST-HASTE!

[Image via Faux News]


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