“Phillies Are World Champions.”

And you know what that means. Some footage of top-notch rioting, brought to you by YouTube.

Courtesy of alexkworld, who’s seemingly been documenting the riots all night, feast your eyes on just a small portion of the carnage on Broad Street shortly after Brad Lidge slammed the door on the Tampa Bay Rays to give the Philadelphia its first major sports championship since 1983:

While I chose this clip because it seemed to feature a random loud shot being fired and the image of rioters apparently overtaking a fire truck, there’s plenty more insanity where that came from, including one of my personal favorite riot standards, the overturned car, if you click here. (Here’s another one biting the dust. And one of a news van being shaken.)

Apparently West Chester University got in on the fun over on Walnut Street as well, at least according to this piece of video, already edited together for your viewing pleasure:

This one, from over on Chestnut and 15th, gets awesome about a minute in. On a night where people are climbing onto traffic lights, tipping over cars and setting off fireworks in the streets, one man appears to have taken it upon himself to think of a way to make himself stand out while demonstrating his love for the Phils. And oh, how he succeeds.:

I’m not even going to try to follow that. Seriously, that guy is a genius.

Okay, maybe just one more:

Well said, folks.

Congrats to the Phillies and the city of Philadelphia on their World Series title. I’ll probably keep monitoring YouTube for more riot videos in the next day, as I am, if nothing else, a big fan of chaos. So if there are any more videos worth posting — and I’m sure there will be — they shall be added.

UPDATE: And now there are a couple more after the jump.

Like this one. How did I miss this one? My new favorite:

This one has nothing to do with the riot, but still pretty much rules:


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