Lesnar Wins, I Do Not Ramble


Sadly, I do not have any pictures laying around of Brock Lesnar brandishing the Heisman trophy, so this shot, taken moments after he stopped UFC legend Randy Couture in the second round of their fight for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, will have to do. Lesnar will face the winner of the December 27 Interim Heavyweight Championship fight between champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir, the man who beat Lesnar in the champ’s UFC debut, in a later fight to determine an undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Lesnar suggested in the post-UFC 91 press conference that it’s Mir who he’d like to fight in that future unification bout, giving him a chance to avenge the only loss of his short but highly successful mixed martial arts career.

Other news out of the show included Kenny Florian submitting Joe Stevenson in the first round of the alleged co-main event to earn himself a future title shot against Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn, lightweight Jeremy Stephens likely punching his way onto the amazing “Baba O’Riley” video they show to the live crowd at shows, and Dustin Hazelett earning $60,000 for nearly ripping off one of Tamdan McCrory’s arms in yet another single-round fight.

Also, I’m pretty sure I saw Kelly Clarkson lingering about behind 50 Cent while he was being interviewed by Joe Rogan, which first and foremost would add her to and perhaps move her all the way to the top of the list of unlikely celebrity MMA fans — she’d have to be in the Mandy Moore/Laura Prepon conversation — and moreover begs the question of what type of chit-chat may have occurred involving the close-quartered musical acts. Assuming, of course, that actually was Kelly Clarkson.

I’m hoping to find YouTube videos of the Hazelett armbar and especially the Stephens knockout on YouTube tomorrow (this shouldn’t give me much trouble) to post here, but for now I’m calling it a night.

UPDATE: UFC seems to keep pulling these videos as soon as they go up, but for now, here’s the Stephens knockout:


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