Shoes Fly In Iraq, President Bush Unhurt


CBS News just broke in during halftime of the Bills-Jets game to report that President George W. Bush had avoided injury after nearly being victimized by an attack by an Iraqi journalist during Bush’s “farewell excursion” to Baghdad.

The full story is here.

But here’s the gist of it:

BAGHDAD (AFP) — An Iraqi journalist hurled his shoes and an insult at George W. Bush, without hitting him, as the US president was shaking hands with the Iraqi premier at his Baghdad office on Sunday.

As the two leaders met in Nuri al-Maliki’s private office, a journalist sitting in the third row jumped up, shouting: “It is the farewell kiss, you dog,” and threw his shoes one after the other towards Bush.

Ha. I’ve gotta use that one.

Maliki made a protective gesture towards the US president, who ducked and was not hit.

The journalist, Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia channel which broadcasts from Cairo, was frogmarched from the room by security staff, an AFP journalist said.

Soles of shoes are considered the ultimate insult in Arab culture.

Oh yes, we’ll link to the video as soon as possible.



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