Anywhere But Manchester United: Why Tevez’s Unclear Future Should Have Him Packing His Bags

Sometimes, people want things for the name brand. Why Honda when there’s Lexus? Why Fossil when there’s Movado? And in Carlos Tevez’s case, why any other club in Europe that would give him ample room to showcase his talents, when there’s Manchester United?

It’s almost staggering to hear that the Argetine footballer promising to commit five more years, while his club can’t give him a permanant deal, or decent playing time. Setting aside the argument of Berbatov being worth his field time (he is, in his own way), Tevez is an animal on the pitch. Why Fergie has some tift against him is beyond comprehension. In in pinch, Tevez can get the job done. And it will be in his favor if that work comes from another club.


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