Philip Schiller is No Steve Jobs: Apple Puppet Strings Just Not Tight Enough

Macworld 2009 officially kicked off yesterday with Apple’s last keynote the company will deliver for the expo. Due to health problems spending more time with his family, Steve Jobs absent podium was stationed by Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Philip Schiller.

Apple released the full keynote for your viewing pleasure, and watching makes some things very clear. Schiller is a true blue marketing man, talking up the “amazing customers” and “[INSERT LOADED EXAGGERATED WORD] [INSERT ANY APPLE PRODUCT]” every chance he gets. But more obvious is the notion that he can read from Jobs’ playbook, but can’t nearly run the plays as well. This, of course is a “no duh” observation, and certainly not unexpected. It just makes it very clear to the public the impact Steve Jobs has on how Apple is presented, whether he is delivering the keynote, or not even in the building.


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