The Office International Versions: What’s German for “Dear God My Eyes Are Burning?”

Some days, my mind vanishes in the depths of the productivity killing world of Wikipedia.  It’s amazing what you can find with just simple searching of .. OH SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!:

La Job” is the French-Canadian take on The Office, whose “Michael Scott” equivalent looks like a guy driving a rusted van offering the neighborhood children candy and a free ride.  Sure, things often get lost in translation, and lord knows I don’t know what makes Canadians laugh.  They made a crucial mistake in not casting Canada’s number 1 entertainment export:

Snidley Whiplash would’ve made a great Dwight!  And who better to replicate the organic and pure romance more true to form than Nell Fenwick and Horse.

Still, at least the Canadian’s got the age demographics rights.  Check out how the real French ran Le Bureau in Paris:

It’s hard to see the similarities in the David/Michael/Regional Manager character when Gilles Triquet looks more suited to be “Viktor” Bill Nighy:

Finally, who better to do the series justice than the Germans:

I don’t know how Stromberg did it.  Not only do they portray Jim as the strung out, sloppy mess that his character truly is, and flawlessly make Kelly Kapoor into a dude.  But somehow, by some grace of god himself, they were able to get Louis CK in a GERMAN SPEAKING ROLE! Ich gratuliere, Deutschland! Ich gratuliere!


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