When Irony and a Boondock Saints Moment Come Together

Like watching snow falling on Christmas morning, the fiery suns setting over the Tatooine horizon, and lipstick college lesbians making out while John Lennon strums an acoustic version of Strawberry Fields Forever, all under an enormous rainbow that Falcore flies magnificently over.

I am, of course, describing when pretenious, self-indulgent “intellectuals” comment on blog posts, criticizing the blogger on their lack of proper grammar and proofreading skills, while using a word that ISN’T REAL!  I stumbled upon this when reading rather long, but incredibly insightful blog post about the last episode of The Sopranos.

But, the thing that really makes it’s special, and I’m talking about your first 4th of July fireworks/getting that gift you’ve always wanted… see for yourself:

Clip (@ :45 second mark):


  1. Drew Says:
    June 5, 2008 at 5:21 pm Very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, especially the symbology of holsten’s. One more proofread to catch the grammar/punctuation gaffes and this piece would be perfect.

Oh Drew, you silly son of a bitch. Christmas comes early for me this year, thanks to you!


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