That’s Not My Band: Ting Tings New Video and Why The American Market Doesn’t Always Get It

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Man, I love the Ting Tings. And boy, do I hate labels and director’s that clearly do not understand their artist, and try to reinvent a sure thing.

This is the new video for a year-old song “That’s Not My Name”, off of beautifully crafted and infectiously catchy “We Started Nothing”. If you don’t think you’ve heard of them, or have been living in a cave with a volleyball, they made their American debut with this little diddy:

and found fame internationally with these:

Noticing the difference?  Kudos to the brilliant Columbia marketing team that invisioned The Ting Tings were best represented with Tron rejects and Busta Rhymes choreography on ecstasy. And what a grand reception MTV’s audience has given the video, which is featured on the homepage. True intelligence and thoughtful insights heard round the net:

ang614 posted on 01.27.09 at 05:23am
there is no meaning to this song no story its fuking stupid jose thats not my name the fuk ok

kiqhh.$ posted on 01.27.09 at 11:08am
lol i love this song and this video is cool 🙂 and i love the ting tings. their songs always have meanings. ’shut up and let me go’ is about an x trying to get back with you. ‘thts not my name’ is about someone not remembering your name and forgetting about you.

foreverscn posted on 01.29.09 at 08:26am
Wow….this is horrible. Her voice is really bad and shows no talent. It just shows they will let anyone make a record in hopes for a buck. If this is as old as what other people have mentioned….they should have kept it hidden.



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