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The Only Three Reasons NOT To Be Excited for a Blink-182 Reunion

There’s really no long winded post to capture the true nature on why nothing good is going to come out of Blink-182 getting back together.  Short and visually sweet:

1) This douchey hair fronted atrocity happened:

2) And this sappy, pseudo-new wave unenlightened crap happened:

3) And yes, this eye and ear raping, non-remix-unless-you-count-caveman-bashing-drums-over-the-same-fucking-track-a-remix remix, had happened:

I rest my case.

Blagojevich Media Blitz Takes him to David Letterman: Someone Please Give Him A Hug!

Recently impeached Rod Blagojevich took stage at the Ed Sullivan theater to talk with “Late Show” host David Letterman on why he’s continues to think his fellow politicians are after his balls.  For a man so committed to the people of Illinois, his two daughters and wife at home, and his innocence despite an overwhelming conspiracy to get him out of office,  the obvious place for him to be is with day and late night talk show hosts nationwide.

It’s sad to see a Blagojevich go through this.  Not because of the treatment he’s endured during this process.  Not because I believe he is guilty, or innocent.  It is the simple fact that Rod Blagojevich, clearly, has no friends.  Not a single one.  I’m starting to believe that his media tour isn’t to proclaim innocence.  It’s a cry: “PLEASE, SOMEONE LOVE ME!  SOMEONE LOVE RODDY BOY!”

That’s Not My Band: Ting Tings New Video and Why The American Market Doesn’t Always Get It

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Man, I love the Ting Tings. And boy, do I hate labels and director’s that clearly do not understand their artist, and try to reinvent a sure thing.

This is the new video for a year-old song “That’s Not My Name”, off of beautifully crafted and infectiously catchy “We Started Nothing”. If you don’t think you’ve heard of them, or have been living in a cave with a volleyball, they made their American debut with this little diddy:

and found fame internationally with these:

Noticing the difference?  Kudos to the brilliant Columbia marketing team that invisioned The Ting Tings were best represented with Tron rejects and Busta Rhymes choreography on ecstasy. And what a grand reception MTV’s audience has given the video, which is featured on the homepage. True intelligence and thoughtful insights heard round the net:

ang614 posted on 01.27.09 at 05:23am
there is no meaning to this song no story its fuking stupid jose thats not my name the fuk ok

kiqhh.$ posted on 01.27.09 at 11:08am
lol i love this song and this video is cool 🙂 and i love the ting tings. their songs always have meanings. ’shut up and let me go’ is about an x trying to get back with you. ‘thts not my name’ is about someone not remembering your name and forgetting about you.

foreverscn posted on 01.29.09 at 08:26am
Wow….this is horrible. Her voice is really bad and shows no talent. It just shows they will let anyone make a record in hopes for a buck. If this is as old as what other people have mentioned….they should have kept it hidden.


You may remember Chip Saltsman as one of the contenders  running for RNC chair position who distributed the song “Barack the Magic Negro” on a CD amongst his fellow republicans.

Well, his mix tape of race hate is making those chart topping hits.  Huffington Post reports that Saltsman also included “The Star Spanglish banner” on his playlist-o-fun, thinking that Latinos and Spanish people can’t be offended if they don’t understand english!

Didn’t you listen to ole’ Dubya:  “fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

In anticipation for a second half-hearted, whole-bullshitted response, simmer with his first response:

Stephen Colbert helps us Better Know a Beatle: Paul McCartney on The Colbert Report

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more about “Stephen Colbert helps us Better Know …“, posted with vodpod

When I studied abroad in London a few years back, I had the chance to meet Paul McCartney at book signing at Waterstones. I’m not saying he’s my favorite Beatle because of that, but it’s certainly a reason. I always felt his music to be clean, simple, and epic. And while not taking those away from Lennon or Harrison, there just wasn’t the same appeal.

There’s really nothing funny about this post.  I’ll let Colbert and Paul handle that department.  Hopefully Electric Arguments will be better than his latest offerings.

When Irony and a Boondock Saints Moment Come Together

Like watching snow falling on Christmas morning, the fiery suns setting over the Tatooine horizon, and lipstick college lesbians making out while John Lennon strums an acoustic version of Strawberry Fields Forever, all under an enormous rainbow that Falcore flies magnificently over.

I am, of course, describing when pretenious, self-indulgent “intellectuals” comment on blog posts, criticizing the blogger on their lack of proper grammar and proofreading skills, while using a word that ISN’T REAL!  I stumbled upon this when reading rather long, but incredibly insightful blog post about the last episode of The Sopranos.

But, the thing that really makes it’s special, and I’m talking about your first 4th of July fireworks/getting that gift you’ve always wanted… see for yourself:

Clip (@ :45 second mark):


  1. Drew Says:
    June 5, 2008 at 5:21 pm Very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, especially the symbology of holsten’s. One more proofread to catch the grammar/punctuation gaffes and this piece would be perfect.

Oh Drew, you silly son of a bitch. Christmas comes early for me this year, thanks to you!