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Greetings SOSHers: What Are Your Hopes, What Are Your Dreams?

I notice we’re getting quite a bit of traffic today from Sons of Sam Horn and, since I’m both unable to access the thread and the traffic all seems to be coming in for the Norm posts/debate threads, I’m going to guess it’s of the Pinsetting and Gutterballs variety.

Anyway, I wanted to acknowledge this because a.) I’m a huge Sox fan and I lurk there all the time, in particular the game threads b.) We haven’t had any posts in quite a while except for Vasgersian making a fool of himself, c.) this will presumably help push some of my baseball articles off the front page, which probably isn’t a bad thing, and d.) everyone loves a vanity post.

In summation: Go Sox!


When Irony and a Boondock Saints Moment Come Together

Like watching snow falling on Christmas morning, the fiery suns setting over the Tatooine horizon, and lipstick college lesbians making out while John Lennon strums an acoustic version of Strawberry Fields Forever, all under an enormous rainbow that Falcore flies magnificently over.

I am, of course, describing when pretenious, self-indulgent “intellectuals” comment on blog posts, criticizing the blogger on their lack of proper grammar and proofreading skills, while using a word that ISN’T REAL!  I stumbled upon this when reading rather long, but incredibly insightful blog post about the last episode of The Sopranos.

But, the thing that really makes it’s special, and I’m talking about your first 4th of July fireworks/getting that gift you’ve always wanted… see for yourself:

Clip (@ :45 second mark):


  1. Drew Says:
    June 5, 2008 at 5:21 pm Very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, especially the symbology of holsten’s. One more proofread to catch the grammar/punctuation gaffes and this piece would be perfect.

Oh Drew, you silly son of a bitch. Christmas comes early for me this year, thanks to you!

TNBC’s Last Stand: Coach Bill Fuller DOWN

Tough news for fans of the vintage years of “Hang Time” today, as Fox Sports is reporting that Reggie Theus, who portrayed Deering Tornadoes head coach Bill Fuller on the early seasons of the TNBC series, has been ousted from his position as head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

Theus, who guided the Kings to a 44-62 record during his tenure in the California capital, was seemingly unable to generate the same success in the NBA as he was at the collegiate and fictional high school levels.

While many theories could be generated as to why Theus’s success did not translate to the pro game — such as the unwillingness of the Maloofs to go out and get him a storkesque female gunner — but certainly the question has to raised as to whether it had something to do with how he interacted with his players on a personal level:

Oh my. You can’t talk to NBA players like that. They are grown damn men!

Anyway, assistant Kenny Natt is set to take over for the Kings on an interim basis while the organization attempts to get in touch with Dick Butkus.

The New Facebook: Worse Than Hitler?

No, it’s not. It’s better than Hitler. Just stop it.

Garfield Minus Garfield vs. “Silent Garfield” — Which One Brings More of the Awesome?

With news spreading over the past week or so that the web comic Garfield Minus Garfield will be finding its way onto bookshelves this fall (with the blessing of Garfield creator Jim Davis, who calls the project “an inspired thing to do,”) I figured that I’d take this opportunity to look through the online archives of Garfield Minus Garfield as well as a thread at the Truth and Beauty Bombs Forum which examined several ways to significantly improve an otherwise bland comic.

First, a look at some Garfield Minus Garfield strips:

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Positive Racism: A Look Into Living Gabe-isms In The Media

Piggy-backing off of the ever-popular series “(Sub)[urban]ism -vs- (PC)ism -vs- Gabe(ism)”, brought to you by Kid Hasselhoff, it should be noted that our dear friend Gabe is not the only one in today’s society that is “keepin’ it racially real”. Sure, while douche nozzles like Carlos Mencia and Lisa Lampanelli are getting paid for their trite criticisms of ethnicity in our world, un-sung and un-praised racists like Gabe do not get their just praise.

Luckily for us, Liquid Generation has put together a Top 10 Most Racist Moments on Television, as their own mini tribute to the sheltered bigot in us all.
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Cheers, Gabe. If I understood Spanish, I’d be offended at the slew of racial epithet you are undoubtedly mouthing at this post.

Microsoft Move Towards the Social : Reports of Xbox Live Updates and Netflix Partnership

Brian Tong over at CNET News has been hanging out at the E3 Media and Business Summit, and reports big news from the Microsoft camp. Xbox 360 users should expect increased mileage out of their dashboards, as they begin to release an improved dashboard layout and navigation. The video report shows a much more conservative look and feel, with an Apple cover-flow-esque dashboard.

Social networking has also been factored into revamping Xbox Live, where users can create full body avatars to represent them within the online community. The animation does seem to mimic Nintendo Mii avatars, though it does appear that Microsoft does offer a varied amount of different feature and accessory sets, to further customize one’s avatar. With this, users can share photos with up to four of their friends,

Xbox Live VP John Schappert also confirmed rumors of their partnership with Netflix, which subscribers of both services can view and change their movie queue. Another impressive feature will allow users to view their movies right from their dashboard, along with their friends who can watch from their homes.

For a more detailed update from E3, check out the CNET News video below:

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